PS4 Passes WiiU US Sales, SimCity Finally Goes Offline

Category: Technology / Jan 13, 2014 4:10PM EDT

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Audi has announced that they’re working on a system to help you beat red lights. The TLA, or Traffic Light Assistance, shows the status of the upcoming lights and helps adjusts the car’s speed to match the traffic pattern. Audi has tested the system in Europe already, but no word on American jurisdictions giving away access to traffic control networks.

Electronic Arts has announced that their latest SimCity game will finally get an offline mode, following months of complaints. The game originally required players to be connected to the Internet at all times to use the game, even though it’s a single-player game. Backlash was swift and ubiquitous, as the constantly required connection was marred by server hiccups and crashes.

Finally, it looks like the PlayStation4 has already outsold the WiiU in North America. Though the WiiU was launched a year earlier, VG Chartz is reporting that the PS4 has sold about 2.1 million units than the US. The WiiU is about 25,000 units behind.

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