Put Your Hands Together For The First Armless Man To Climb Everest

Category: Media & Culture / May 23, 2013 4:49PM EDT


An armless man entered the history books on Monday (May 20) after conquering Mount Everest without the aid of prosthetics, becoming the first person to ever do so.

32-year-old Sudarshan Gautam, a native of Nepal who lives and works in Calgary, Canada, lost both his arms as a child in a freak accident when a kite that he was flying struck high voltage powerlines.

"People, you know from base camp, and from Nepal and around the world, you know, when I say that I am going to climb Everest people laughed, people did not believe me, you know. Even my team members also, seventy-five percent believed he might go, you know, he might go," he said.

"But when I reached that, this is the first happiest moment for me," he added.

Gautam lost both his arms after an accident involving electrical wiring, which was running almost 11,000 volts of electricity.

After coming into contact with it his doctor was forced to remove his arms.

Since the double amputation around 18 years ago, Gautam has learnt to live a normal life performing everyday tasks on his own, as well as looking after his own child.

But climbing a mountain as big as Everest brought a whole new set of challenges.

"If you don't have both arms there is definitely. It was little bit of a problem, but even though, I finished my climbing," he said.

"You know you have to cast the rope and go to the top and hike the rock," Gautam told Reuters television.

He now campaigns for impoverished people with disabilities, after also scaling the 5,700 meter high Yala peak in the Himalayas.

Video Source: Reuters