Raging Fire Rips Through Skyscraper

Category: World / Jan 25, 2013 1:56PM EDT
A huge fire Friday ripped through a skyscraper in Moscow, the Federation Tower, which is set to become Europe's tallest after completion. This is the second fire that set the tower ablaze. The first happened in April 2012. About 220 workers were evacuated from the structure and it has been confirmed that there is no death or injury from the accident. According to preliminary investigations, the fire broke out on the heat insulating materials piled on the 24th floor, covering an area of 60 square meters. The city's fire department sent firefighters and equipment including helicopters to put out the fire. The fire lasted about 1.5 hour before it was fully put out. Federation Tower, whose construction started years ago, will be a large complex with the functions of exhibition, business, residence and recreation. It is designed to stand 506 meters, the highest in Europe.