Rail Dig May Have Unearthed 50,000 People Killed By The “Black Death”

Category: Technology / Mar 15, 2013 11:44AM EDT
Excavations for a rail project in London have resulted in a unique find: Archeologists may have found a graveyard holding the remains of some 50,000 people killed by the “Black Death” plague more than 650 years ago. Thirteen skeletons were discovered 8 feet below the road. Project archeologist Jay Carver commented on the find: "We started construction here with an archaeologist on site from day one, because we had suspicions we were going to come across burials. As soon as the first skull appeared in the soil, our team from the London Museum of Archaeology started a careful hand excavation. And within several days we'd uncovered two very carefully laid out rows with carefully spaced inhumations of burials not in coffins but in shrouds and the depth they are the type of pottery we were getting strongly suggest that they were part of that Black Death cemetery of the 14th century." The skeletons may assist in DNA analysis to confirm the dates they were buried. The find is significant and has potential to reveal information of those who lie at the bottom of the mass grave site. Video Courtesy Of Reuters