Rare Event As Twin Gorillas Are Born In Captivity

Category: Media & Culture / Jun 19, 2013 9:33AM EDT

In a rare event at a Dutch Zoo a mother gave birth to twin gorillas a baby boy and a baby girl. Twins are exceptionally rare among gorillas making this double birth extra special as described by keeper Wilco Limpers:

"In gorilla world, twins are very rare, because in the last fifty years, there has only been ten births in zoos, so it's very rare."

The babies were born on June 13th and are both in a healthy condition. Their mother who is 20 already has three offspring and is regarded as a caring mother. The father however cannot off contact with his children till they are a little older:

"The father is not doing anything in the beginning, only sit next to her to protect her towards the others, and when the youngsters are one and a half year old, they want to play and then he will play with them and that's quite nice to see,"


Video Courtesy Of Reuters