Rare Solar Eclipse Captured On Film: Seen In Parts Of Africa, Europe And The U.S

Category: Technology / Nov 04, 2013 9:06AM EDT

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon temporarily blocks the sun, and this is exactly what people saw in parts of the world on Sunday evening. This rare site was seen in parts of Africa, the United States and Europe.

This eclipse was however a “hybrid” eclipse meaning different parts of the world saw different types of eclipses depending on their position. From a annular, partial to a full eclipse, the vision did indeed vary.

But what did we get to see here in the US?

A partial eclipse was visible in the East Coast shortly after sunrise as the sun changed shape in a crescent after the moon moved between the sun and the earth.

Sadly for Solar Eclipse enthusiasts this won’t happen again anytime soon, as this was the final solar eclipse for 2013.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters