Rare Vintage Cars Up For Auction In Paris

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 06, 2013 1:19PM EDT
Over 100 vintage cars and motorcycles running from the turn of the last century to the 1990s were on display in Paris on Wednesday, ahead of a big auction. The vehicles were lined up under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, but some stood out above the rest. "Well it's one of the stars of the show, it's a 1931 Bugatti type 54 Grand Prix car, the most powerful racing Bugatti they produced before the war, it's about 5 litres, super charged, straight 8, twin over-head cam, as I say it was one of the most powerful Grand Prix cars in its day and one of the fastest," Bonhams car specialist James Knight told Reuters Television. The sale also includes a Rolls Royce, a 1928 "Playboy Roadster" once owned by eccentric multi-millionaire Jerry J. Moore and an airplane which starred in the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie "Out of Africa". "125 motor cars, 100 motorcycles, not forgetting the fabulous De Havilland Gipsy Moth as well that starred in the "Out of Africa" film. So we've got something for everybody, lots of different budgets, different prices of the motor cars and the motorcycles and different eras as well, we've got motor cars from the dawn of motoring through to fairly modern high performance and competition cars," Knight said. From the small iconic Fiat 500 and Austin Mini to the prestigious Rolls Royces and Aston Martins, the auction offers the possibility for every budget to acquire a bit of the car industry's history. "You have to be liquid in the first place and when you're liquid you've got the money in your bank and when it's in the bank the interest rates are so low that it's not really working for you. And we've had more and more people who have come in to the market saying they want to put some cash into a tangible asset, a three-dimensional object that they can use and enjoy and, yes, perhaps in a few years time, they might be able to make some money on it," he said. The exhibition takes place over two days starting on February 6th.