Real Life ‘Jungle Men’: Man And Son Found Living In The Jungle After Being Missing For Forty Years

Category: World / Aug 09, 2013 9:13AM EDT

In a story that reads like the script of a Hollywood movie, a father and a son were found after forty years of being missing in the jungle. They had runway from the Vietnam war to the remote jungle in central Vietnam. There they built a tree house where they resided living off wild rice, fruit, vegetables and hunting animals.

The pair who was thought as dead by their village was discovered on Wednesday and their story was first reported by local officials and their family.

The father and son duo endured unimaginable odds to survive that long without contact from the outside world. When they were found the two men were wearing loincloths made of tree bark and appeared malnourished and thin.

Ho Van Thanh fled his village with his two year old son, Ho Van Lang after a mine explosion claimed the lives of his wife and two other sons. The son brought up in the wild would not even remember life outside the wild.

Local media has reported the two men were found after villagers saw two ‘jungle men’.

The two men are now receiving full medical checkups.

The men no doubt a stranger to the modern world will slowly be brought back into society, the biggest challenge being for the son, who knows only a few words, and who was brought up from a toddler to be a jungle man.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters