Rescuers Fish Man Out of 18 Meter Well

Category: Society / Dec 31, 2012 10:07AM EDT
A group of Ukrainian rescue workers pulled a local man out of an 18-metre well on Monday (December 31) in Ukraine's Shargorodsky region. The man, 44 year old Yury Fakhov, fell into the well while attempting to clean it on Saturday (December 29). Fakhov's plight was discovered soon after, but it took rescue workers until the early hours of Monday morning to pull him out. Video footage of the event filmed by Ukraine's Channel Five, showed a rescue worker descending into the narrow well, and then climbing out, after Fakhov was pulled out to a chorus of applause and 'Happy Holidays!' wishes by rescue workers. "Today we saved a man - he's 44 years old, he has four children and his wife is now pregnant and we saved this man. I would definitely like to say that that this rescue operation lasted a day and a half," Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry worker Ruslan Shevchuk said. Fakhov was given oxygen supplies and food while at the bottom of the well, and underwent a medical examination after being extracted. According to media reports, he did not require hospitalization, and video footage showed him able to walk after being pulled out of the well.