Road Collapses In Colorado After 3 People Are Killed From Flash Flooding

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 12, 2013 3:27PM EDT

Over ten inches of rain has been dumped across Colorado in a vicious storm that has continued for the past three days. As a consequence at least three people have been killed from the fatal flooding and extreme weather. On Thursday a road even collapsed sending three vehicles into the water, in Boulder County the worst hit region.

Three people were injured as a result of the collapse as confirmed by Sarah Farris from the North Metro Fire Rescue Team:

"There were three people involved in this incident. There were one in each of the three vehicles and so they were all able to be rescued and sent to local hospitals with just minor injuries, just to make sure everything was ok."

In addition to the three people that have already lost their lives during the flash flooding, hundreds have been forced to evacuate their homes and reach higher grounds. Cars have been left abandoned and rising water has caused some buildings to even collapse.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters