Rome's Colosseum Lights Up For International Women's Day

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 08, 2013 7:17PM EDT
Words calling for an end to sexual violence against women in conflict were projected onto Rome's landmark Colosseum on Friday (March 8) as part of an event marking International Women's Day. The joint initiative between Rome's council and the British Embassy was aimed at creating an awareness to bring the cause to the attention of G8 foreign ministers. "This campaign launched by our Foreign Secretary William Hague as a central part of the G8 Foreign Ministers agenda, is hoping to focus the world on this awful phenomenon of the deliberate use of sexual violence in conflicts around the world and the G8 foreign ministers meeting in April in London will have this at the centre of their agenda," Britain's ambassador to Italy, Christopher Prentice said. International Women's Day on March 8 is a date celebrated each year around the world. "We apologise for the violence against women and we tell all the men that they need to be not good, but extremely good in order to be forgiven because women are the best thing in the world and we must give them all the respect," by-passer Andrea Giannini said. The Colosseum, a 2,000-year old arena where gladiators fought bloody battles for the entertainment of crowds, has become one of the major symbols of the city, but is also being used more often as a symbol against violence and the death penalty. (Video Source: REUTERS)