Samsung's Smartwatch 'Galaxy Gear' Unveiled in Berlin

Category: Technology / Sep 05, 2013 1:39PM EDT

Samsung Electronics launched its SmartWatch "Galaxy Gear" at an event in Berlin on Wednesday (September 4) - an intelligent device on our wrist that connects our bodies to data and us to the world.

Samsung said the SmartWatch could be as revolutionary as the smartphone, but a source said the device would be no game changer. It would be more of a fashion accessory than a bid to redefine the genre.

As the Samsung CEO, JK Shin, said it is the "ultimate fashion item": "It gives you crystal clear tangible display and ultimate productivity in a beautiful package."

Customers were delighted by the new gadget, especially by its size.

But some said that the real success story of the SmartWatch will depend on its price.

Sony is also launching a modest update of its Android-compatible SmartWatch, while heavyweights Apple and Google have shown signs of interest in developing such technology.

Staunch Galaxy aficionados say the potential is vast. The market for wearable devices such as smartwatches and digital eyewear could be $50 billion by 2017, according to Credit Suisse.

Video Credit: Reuters