Sarkozy's Wife Carla Bruni Set To Release Fourth Album

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 29, 2013 4:33PM EDT
Former French first lady and supermodel-turned-singer Carla Bruni is back on the airwaves and preparing to release her first album since her husband Nicolas Sarkozy was ousted from power in presidential elections last year. Her latest offering 'Little French Songs', set for release on Monday (April 1), sees the glamorous ex-premiere dame return to the stage and the studio. Paris-based commentator and author, Stephen Clarke, says though Bruni's celebrity status means her every musical move is scrutinized by the press, she is not to be underestimated as a musician. "She's had quite a lot of success musically, she wrote songs for a French singer called Julien Clerc, and her first album was a big hit. So you might not like her style but people respect her as a musician. The thing is, she's lucky because she's one of those people who knows famous people so you're going throuh her lyrics looking for hints about who she's talking about," he told Reuters on Friday. Bruni insists the song ‘The Penguin’ is about all ill-mannered people, not her husband’s successor Francois Hollande, but doubtless speculation will continue and Clarke thinks it is all part of the soap opera that will do neither Bruni, nor her husband's political future, any harm. "Well it's all on the same level as 'how interested are we in seeing the first lady in a bikini?', you know? Are we really interested? I don't think so but it gets people gossiping. And people quite enjoy, at the moment, people very much enjoy insulting Francois Hollande so she's being very trendy," he said. The album 'Little French Songs' is due for release in France on Monday. Video Source: Reuters