Scared Wallaby Is Rescued From Car Park

Category: Society / Feb 22, 2013 8:50AM EDT
A car park can be a scary unfamiliar place for a wild animal especially a young one. A baby wallaby was rescued after sitting on the ledge of a shopping Centre car park for almost two hours in Melbourne Australia. It is most likely that the little wallaby was making its way through the car park to get to its nearby bush land. Animal rescue was on the scene: Wallabies can react in a manner that’s dangerous to their own safety when they feel threatened so the wallaby was tranquilized: "When they are really scared, they will just react to get away from the danger and not realize they're putting themselves into even greater risks. So, the risks are very high. This guy could've easily died today," The stray wallaby will spend the next two days in the care of rescuers before returning home to the bush. Video Courtesy Of Reuters