Science Channel Joins Harlem Shake Dance Craze With Alien Version

Category: Entertainment / Feb 20, 2013 5:25PM EDT
The Harlem Shake is continuing to keep the internet moving as more people rush to the Web to post their versions of the dance. YouTube said the craze appeared to have started with a posting by a vlogger and spread quickly, with more than 12,000 Harlem Shake videos posted in February. The Harlem Shake began as a dance in the 1980s but the latest version featured on a flood of online videos is an electronic dance track by 23-year-old Brooklyn DJ Baauer who released the single last year with the record label Mad Decent. The video starts with one person, often masked, dancing while everyone else in the room pays no attention but when the chorus kicks in they all join in, usually wearing crazy costumes or with props like blow-up giraffes or bicycles. Harlem Shake has a way to go to top Korean rapper Psy's "Gangnam Style" which made history last December when it became the first ever video on YouTube to reach 1 billion views. But latest figures show one office version of Harlem Shake has received over 10 million hits while an underwater version by University of Georgia's men's swim and dive team has over 20 million hits. Georgia Tech's men's swim and diving team kept things above water and has amassed over 87,000 clicks so far. The Science Channel took advantage of the craze and promoted its show "Are We Alone?' with a 30 second video featuring aliens. The interest has also helped drive Baauer's sales, with the single topping the iTunes America chart and second in the iTunes UK and Australia lists -- much to the surprise of Baauer, aka Harry Rodrigues, who is currently on tour with Just Blaze. "This Harlem Shake stuff is blowing my mind," he recently tweeted. (Video Source: Reuters)