Scientists Discover New Dinosaur Species in Patagonia

Category: Science / May 25, 2012 12:20PM EDT

Argentine scientists have unearthed a new dinosaur species in the Condo Mountain, Argentina; the find is revealing clues about the evolution of carnivorous dinosaurs and the history of the earth's continents.

The new species is believed to have lived millions of years earlier than its previously known relatives. A group of scientists worked together between 2009-20010 to uncover the dinosaur's skull, vertebrae, legs and its long arms to create the body of the dinosaur.

The 20 foot beast has been called Eobeilsaurus mefi- and is the earliest known member of the abelisaurids family. The new discovery is believed to move the history of this family up a whooping 70 million years. Scientists say the Eoabelisaurus is characterized by a more basic skull, and had longer forearms; a sign of early evolution of the family is the fact that later generations were known to have tiny forelimbs.

The discovery is having a huge impact on the way in which scientists study dinosaurs by revealing a new species that lived and roamed the planet millions of years earlier than its know relatives.