Scientists Unveil 'Wonder Chip' That Can Identify 70,000 Viruses In One Test

Category: Technology / Apr 16, 2013 11:25AM EDT
Scientists unveiled a new ‘super chip’ in Singapore that was announced at the ongoing Joint Conference of Human Genome Meeting 2013 (HGM) and the 21st International Congress of Genetics (ICG) It’s called the PathChip, and it can identify 70,000 different viruses and bacteria at once. It took Dr. Christopher Wong over 10 years to develop, with the help of his colleagues at the Genome Institute of Singapore. PathChip is far more efficient than current testing technology, which can only detect up to 50 pathogens at one time. "We have invented the Pathogen Chip. This is a chip that can detect 70,000 viruses and bacteria, all in one test. So all the viruses are clinically relevant, such as H1N1, H1A1, H7N9, can all be detected on the chip as well as the bacteria," Dr. Wong said. According to Dr. Wong, in just 24 hours, the PathChip will be able to successfully identify a pathogen. The chip uses a variety of a patient’s DNA to identify parts of the genome of the pathogen being tested. That information is then fed through a computer algorithm that can identify the pathogen using a special program. The PathChip is currently only available for research and needs further testing. PathChip is waiting for government approval before it can be put into diagnostic use Video Source: Reuters