Sean Penn Voices Support For Hugo Chavez At Candle Light Vigil

Category: Society / Dec 11, 2012 3:11PM EDT
Actor Sean Penn came out in support of the ailing Venezuelan President at a candle light vigil for Hugo Chavez in La Paz on Monday (December 10). Chavez underwent surgery in Cuba on Tuesday (December 11) for cancer that has thrown his future into jeopardy. Penn, who is friends with Chavez and campaigned with him ahead of the Venezuelan leader's October re-election, voiced his support for the socialist leader a day before he faced surgery. "We admire President (Hugo) Chavez. For his courage. For his fair mindedness." Penn said. "He is one of the most important forces that we have on this planet. And I will wish him nothing but that great strength that he showed over and over again. I do it in love and I do it in gratitude," the Oscar-winning actor, screenwriter and director said. The vigil was attended by Chavez supporters as well as Bolivian government ministers.