Search For Leila Fowler’s Killer: 8 Year Old Girl Stabbed To Death In California

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 29, 2013 2:04PM EDT
A northern California community is in shock after a man stabbed and killed an 8 year old girl. Authorities are now hunting for the suspect who allegedly killed the girl in her suburban home. Valley Springs residents just southeast of Sacramento were warned to stay inside their homes and lock their doors as police searched for the suspect. Authorities interviewed prospective witnesses and residents in the area. The girl was identified as Leila Fowler, she was killed on Saturday and the official autopsy will be performed on Monday. Authorities have begun to collect finger prints and DNA. Captain Jim Macedo commented on the progress of the investigation: "We did collect some fingerprints during that search and we also collected what we believe to be DNA. Those prints and that DNA will hopefully be processed within the next week." The man authorities are looking for allegedly broke into the little girl’s home, and was seen by her older brother who is 12. He is considered armed and dangerous and has been described as a white of Hispanic man about 6 feet with longish grey hair. Leila’s body was discovered by her brother, she was pronounced dead at the local hospital. An increased security presence will be felt around the schools today, as the suspect is still at large. Video Courtesy Of Reuters