Serena Williams Impersonation: Cruel Or Funny?

Category: Society / Dec 12, 2012 11:33AM EDT
Caroline Wozniacki caused a stir in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday (December 9) when the Dane impersonated Serena Williams during an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova. The former world number one had the crowd in raptures as she stuffed towels down her top and up her skirt to replicate the Williams' physique. Wozniacki continued the impersonation by doing some trademark Williams' clothing adjustments and jumping up and down on the baseline. As the match began Wozniacki, imitated Williams further by grunting every time she hit the ball in the opening rally and completed the impression by punching the air in Williams' style when she won the point. Opinions are now divided about the impersonation: Was it mean spirited or all done in fun?