'Sex, Lies And Videotape' Story Ignites Controversy For Spain

Category: Sports / Jun 25, 2013 3:40PM EDT

Spanish defender Sergio Ramos told journalists on Tuesday, June 25 that they were going to defend their title against Italy and lashed out against media reports that his team participated in a night of debauchery following their victory over Uruguay during the Confederations Cup opener.

During a news conference in Fortaleza, Sergio Ramos said the would not relax in their upcoming match against Italy and will fight to defend their title.

"They are motivated and no one ever misses the chance for revenge," Ramos said. "Our advantage is that we won't relax and we will try to defend the last title that we won, and above all else, the one that we really want to achieve."

Ramos also had harsh worlds for the Brazilian media who reported that the world and European champions had hosted a party at their hotel in Recife with alcohol, women and a game of strip-poker after facing off against Uruguay last week.

Spain said six players had money stolen from their rooms while they beat Uruguay 2-1 last Sunday during the Confederations Cup opener, but Brazilian newspaper www.globoesporte.com reported a different version of events via hotel staff on Monday.

In a story titled 'Sex, lies and videotape', it said the thefts were noticed after the five women left the hotel the following morning and that some of the events had been caught on a hotel security camera.

"You cannot play with the reputation of a country like Spain who have a very clean image and you cannot play with our families, our children and the girlfriends that some players have. You cannot cast doubt on all of that just because you want to invent a story that is very serious," Ramos said. "We hope that the law will handle this and that everything continues on the same path that has given us a very clean and honest history on a world level."

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) issued a statement denying the story on their website (www.sefutbol.com) on Tuesday, rejecting the reports which it said undermined the good name of the team and the reputation and professionalism of the players.

"Six of the national team players were the subject of a robbery at the team hotel in Recife during the course of the Spain-Uruguay match at the Confederations Cup. That fact was reported in due course to the Brazilian police," the statement said.

"The complaint does not constitute an attack against the organising committee or against FIFA, much less against a country like Brazil, which has received the Spanish national team with open arms. Such circumstances could have happened anywhere in the world, including Spain," the statement continued.

"Since then, a series of slanderous rumours have been spread about our players, which the RFEF completely rejects because they damage the honour of their players, their families and friends," the statement said.

The RFEF said events would not distract the team ahead of their semi-final clash with Italy in Fortaleza on Thursday.

"They have caused the indignation of the federation because they are only intended to harm the good name of the Spanish team players, who for many years have proven themselves with hard work, professionalism and exemplary conduct," it added.


Video Credit: Reuters