'Shark Week' Takes a Bite Out of Ratings With Host Andy Samberg

Category: Entertainment / Aug 05, 2011 3:48PM EDT
Friday marks the end of what some people believe to be the “greatest week of television,” or better known as Discovery Channel’s wildly popular Shark Week. Discovery’s 24th annual Shark Week started off with a bang on Sunday, July 31, with comedian host Andy Samberg, serving as the ‘Chief Shark Officer.’ Sunday’s programming fell a close second, in the 18-49-year old demographic, following only HBO’s smash hit “True Blood.” Turns out viewers knew where to tune in to get the truly bloody scoop. 3.3 million viewers caught the special “Great White Invasion” followed by “Jaws Comes Home” with 3 million viewers. Monday night’s numbers proved to be impressive as well, with just over 2 million a pop tuning in for “Rouge Sharks” and “Summer of Sharks.” 2 million might sound disappointing following the numbers from opening night but the ratings were up 10 percent from the same time last year. According to the New York Times, Discovery hopes to beat the “Shark Week” total number of viewers from last year, when 30.8 million people watched the shark infested week long programming. Last night, Andy Samberg hosted a special called, “Shark City,” which follows a Meercat Mannor type approach, letting the viewers catch a glimpse into the personalities of various sharks who live together in the Caribbean reef. Andy’s favorite part of his Bahamas Shark Week vacation was getting to take a 40 min ride on a one man submarine scooter surrounded by tropical fish. Andy, who shot to comedic stardom on SNL, said when on the submarine he “just kept asking everyone if they’d seen his son Nemo.”