Sharp Cuts And Sexy Sophistication At The John Galliano Show

Category: Fashion / Mar 04, 2013 3:02PM EDT
Bill Gaytten presented a classically refined collection for John Galliano autumn/winter 2013-14 on Sunday. Gaytten put his stamp on the runway with his master tailoring that played both with texture and volume for a sophisticated collection. Draped skirts, sharp pant suits and geometric cuts sashayed down the runway with a sophisticated flair. Fabrics favored in the collection included wool, fur, and heavy felt which invoked the cooler spirit of autumn. The color palate was navy, teal, plum, olive, grey and black further cultivating the more layered and darker feeling of the colder seasons. Gaytten explained backstage that the minimalism of the collection does not mirror the creative process: "Sometimes people equate minimalism with simplicity, but it was quite rich I think the collection in terms of cutting. Just the way it was presented, the color palette was restricted, not too many things in one collection." Gaytten was named creative director for the John Galliano label in 2011. This collection reflects his personality as a designer within the Galliano vision: "It's been a strange two years, the last two years of transition, but now I do feel more stable and I've had more time to work with the team and we're much more unified and I hope that showed. And this is a direction I like." Video Courtesy OF Reuters