Shooting Spree Erupts In Chicago Park: 13 People Wounded, Including 3 Year Old

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 20, 2013 4:14PM EDT

A shooting spree in Chicago’s south side has injured 13 people; of the victims was a 3 year child. It is reported that the shooting was gang related, and at this point in time none of the injuries are life threatening as confirmed by Superintendent Gary McCarthy:


"At about 10:15pm thirteen people, including a three-year old were injured at a shooting at Cornell Square Park in the back of the Yards neighborhood. At this time all of the victims have received medical attention at area hospitals and all of the injuries are non-life threatening."

No arrests have been made, as a witness described the terrifying moment they heard the gunshots:

"Man I think it was an AK; there were a lot of shots man. It was like boom, boom, and boom. I would say like nine, ten people got hit. A little kid got hit in the face. I don't know if he still alive. I don't know what his condition is," 

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals as the victims ranged in age 15-41. Chicago has long suffered gun violence for years, in 2012 it was reported that it had led to more than 500 murders.

While the violence and issue of guns is a concerning topic for the City of Chicago their murder rate for this year is down 22% from the previous year.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters