Shop On Wheels: Henry Holland Opens Flagship Store In An Ice Cream Van

Category: Media & Culture / Aug 02, 2013 10:13AM EDT

In a unique business venture British designer Henry Holland has opened a new flagship store in an ice cream van. He will use this van for a fun way to travel and sell clothes:

"I wanted to have my own store; I wanted to do something that was fun and inventive and something that's a little bit fresh for a high summer collection. And so I bought an ice cream van, covered it in spots and stripes and created a collection around it. It's kind of our way of having a shop but putting it on wheels so we can test out different areas for the best place where we can have a shop."

But like every new business venture there comes a list of positives and negatives:

"The pros and cons of having an ice cream van? Well, the cons are that there's an engine to take into consideration and a freezer, which I've just recently found out. But the pros is that setting up an ice cream van is such a less, lesser cost than setting up a store in bricks and mortar, you know, and I'm able to have this physical presence on the high street from this really, you know, eye-catching way with much less a budget."

The House of Holland ice-cream truck will be travelling through the UK in its summer voyage for the month of August.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters