Sizzling Entertainment: Carson Kressley Eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, Michael Jackson Murder Trial Continues, Christina Applegate Shows Guiliana Rancic Support in Breast Cancer Fight

Category: / Oct 19, 2011 10:59AM EDT
From dancing to the trial that has stopped the world… two years on and the world still wants to know who is responsible for Michael Jackson’s death? Conrad Murray who was Jackson’s doctor has received the blame for Jackson’s untimely death from three medical experts on the prosecution side. But who really is to blame? Was it Murray prescribing Jackson with sleeping medication? Or was it Jackson himself self medicating and mixing sleeping medication with anti-anxiety drugs? The defense team aims now to paint a different picture of Jackson, and place his death in his own hands. So, Conrad Murray- guilty or innocent, only time will tell, or perhaps we will never know! Guiliana Rancic continues to publically battle early stages of breast cancer. But it was an unlikely friend who showed her support- Christina Applegate. Applegate herself is a breast cancer survivor- she was given a clean bill of health after undergoing treatment in August 2008. Applegate in an interview with E News stated “I’m here for her”. Rancic, already has used her story to inspire women telling her co-star Ryan Seacrest “I Started realizing I could be an example for women to not just be aware of breast cancer but to act on it” For all that’s happening n Hollywood and the world of entertainment be sure to watch all the sizzling updates here daily.