Slavery In Ohio: Mentally Disabled Woman And Daughter Held Captive For Two Years

Category: Media & Culture / Jun 19, 2013 10:53AM EDT

Three Ohio residents have been accused of enslaving a mentally disabled woman and her daughter. Authorities believe that they were forcing her to perform physical duties for them, against her will and threatening her with snakes if she refused.

Authorities stated that the victim was forced to sleep in a padlocked room, with a large iguana. The trio has been identified as Jordie Callahan, Jessica Hunt and Daniel Brown. They now will be in police custody until their detention hearing which is scheduled for June 24th.

The woman is held against her will is being referred to as ‘S.E’ and it is believed that she was held captive between May 2011 and October 2012. During that time she was beaten, forced to clean, and take care of the trio’s numerous animals which included a poisonous coral snake, pythons and pit-bulls.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters