Smelly Rare Whale Vomit Is Worth A Small Fortune

Category: Science / Feb 01, 2013 8:52AM EDT
Coming across a smelly rock on a beach in England, Ken Wilman had no idea what fortune awaited him. Intrigued by the smell initially discovered by his dog Wilman picked up the rock: "So as I was walking along (the beach), she (the dog) was messing about with this, I got a bit close, I thought no, it's a big stone, why is she messing with a big stone? Then when I picked it up I thought that's not a stone, then I smelled it. And I got home, I put the internet on and goggled whale vomit. Up comes ambergris” Ambergris is a rare and vital part of perfume, explained expert Dominic de Vetta: "The reason why it becomes so valuable is that it starts off with this sticky, liquid, viscous substance, but then overtime the waves, the sunshine, beating down on the sea, the sea salt, these all combine to oxidase the sticky substance into a rock," The smelly rock could be worth a whopping 100,000 pounds.