SnowStorm Batters Breezy Point, Crippled By Sandy

Category: Society / Nov 08, 2012 2:25PM EDT
Ten days after one of the worst storms ever slammed the Eastern Seaboard and trashed the Queens borough neighborhood of Breezy Point, residents were left with piles of snow on Thursday, after a powerful snowstorm hammered through the New York area on Wednesday night. Bitter cold, rain, snow and powerful winds added to the misery of disaster victims whose homes were destroyed or whose power was knocked out by Sandy, which smashed ashore on October 29. For Breezy Point residents the snowstorm was too much too handle, after facing the Sandy super storm: "Trying to make normalcy for the kids, try to get them in schools. I have one daughter who is in the school that has 50 kids in one classroom. You know, the snow just increased the water flow in the basement. I am luckier than most though, do I have to say," New York City officials urged people whose homes have been flooded by Sandy to relocate to the homes of friends or family members or to go to city shelters. The city also distributed space heaters and blankets to residents without heat or power and opened shelters to those in need of a warm place to sleep. Commuter bus and train services had been disrupted by the storm, with the Long Island Rail Road briefly shutting down all operations to the city's eastern suburbs on Wednesday night.