Sony Hacked Again

Category: Technology / Jun 03, 2011 8:09AM EDT
Sony, which is still reeling from a hacking attempt in April, has been hit by another massive data breach. This time the victim is A hacker group called Lulz Security, the master hackers who attacked the PBS website last week and posted a fake story about rapper Tupac Shakur being alive, claimed credit. The news came after a day that Sony brought the Sony PlayStation store back online, finally making the Playstation Network whole again after April’s devastating security breach. Meanwhile, the hacking of Sony Pictures has no effect on the Playstation Network. Still, this is another embarrassing security breach for Sony, and a sign that the company isn’t finished fending off hackers. MITO SECURITIES RESEARH CHIEF KEITA WAKABAYASHISAYING. If this attack is indeed true, then I'm sure that the damage to the brand and trust will be big and negative. While the first time was unexpected, this time they should have had some sort of preparations in place. LulzSec also claims attacks on U.S. TV network PBS, and broke into a website where it published data about contestants for the upcoming Fox TV talent show, the X Factor. The latest breach comes amid rising high profile cyber attacks, with recent breaching attempts against defense contractor Lockheed Martin as well Google's gmail service. Both attacks appear to have originated in China, although Beijing has flatly denied the allegations.