Sony Sells 2 Million, Motorola Prevents Sales

Category: Technology / Dec 03, 2013 6:26PM EDT

This week on The Rundown, we highlight Cyber Monday, Sony’s sales, Motorola’s lack thereof, and curse-shushing Kinects.


It’s not a secret that Cyber Monday and Black Friday are the craziest shopping days of the year, powered by massive ad campaigns and discounted products. On the heels of these events, companies push their products to garner sales.


Most don’t see the figures like the one Sony announced, however - the Japanese giant announced that it has sold approximately 2.1 million PlayStation4 units since the console launched in mid-November. An impressive number, but Microsoft is hot on Sony’s trail.


But the latest news probably won’t help market the XB1 to the more foul-mouthed among us; it turns out that some of the new games can use the Kinect to penalize players for R-rated language. Yep, curse out the referees in NBA 2K14 and you can expect to get a technical foul. Bummer.


Continuing the deflation, Motorola held an ambitious sale on their customizable Moto X phone for Cyber Monday - but their site couldn’t handle the spike in traffic, crashed, and remained down for the majority of the day. Most customers were left without a phone, but Motorola promised to bring the sale back for December 4th and 9th.


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