Sotheby’s To Auction 59.60 Carat Pink Diamond: Estimated To Be Worth Over 60 Million Dollars

Category: Media & Culture / Oct 03, 2013 11:18AM EDT

Sotheby’s unveiled on Thursday an exquisite pink diamond, which could be the most valuable diamond to ever go to auction. It’s called ‘The Pink Star’, and it is a 59.60-Carat oval cut pink diamond. The Gemological Institute of America has given this diamond the highest clarity and grade rating that it has ever issued.  

Colored diamonds are the rarest type of diamonds and this is the largest internally flawless pink diamond that Sotheby’s has ever seen. This piece with its color, size and clarity will be turning heads when it goes to auction later this year. Buyers intrigued by this diamond will be people interested in how valuable and rare colored diamonds are, as it will become a collectable.

It is estimated to be worth over 60 million USD and is expected to the most valuable diamond ever to be offered at auction.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters