South African Minstrels Bring The New Years Party To Cape Town

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 02, 2013 3:56PM EDT
South Africa's city of Cape Town burst into color on Wednesday (January 02, 2013) as more than 13,000 minstrels paraded the streets in celebration of the new year. The annual Cape Minstrel Carnival is the city's longest-running street party, dating back almost 200 years. The event is one the most important in Cape Town's social calendar, attracting hundreds of spectators. It is celebrated on January 2, the only day Cape slaves were given off work. "It's lot of fun and I am enjoying watching the children when they come by, dancing and the smiles on their faces. So it's great to here." Said Bedwell. "It's great, people love to party, they are in a good mood very colourful. Joyful, it's wonderful, we love it." said Eyad El-Khouly, an Egyptian tourist. The minstrels practice their music and dance weeks ahead of the carnival and celebrations on the 2nd usually last late into the night.