Standardized Testing: Why Are Students Lead to Cheat?

Category: Education / Nov 22, 2011 3:17PM EDT
The focus of test scores and performing provides a breeding ground for anxiety and distress, child psychiatrist James Comer states “It is dangerous to focus on raising test scores without reducing school dropout, crime and dependency rates, or improving the quality of the workforce and community life”. The test scores from the September SAT tests of this year indicates a significant plunge in results. Bob Schaffer from The National Centre for fair and open testing highlights the flaws in standardized testing from the declining statistics. The National Centre for fair and open testing was developed to point out the errors in standardized testing so that the education system may be fairer to students and teachers. The aim of standardized testing is to create an equal platform for students of all different backgrounds to perform, yet critiques highlight that more affluent families can afford specialized learning and SAT coaching. Supporters of standardized testing include professor of education Susan Stotsky: she describes the need for the testing, the benefits through providing evidence of student learning, and providing a focus on the teacher student learning environment. Test scores don’t necessarily indicate achievement- so is it just a memory test? The public battle heats up in the wake of the student arrests….many are now left to ponder is standardized testing the best educational tool for learning?