Steve Jobs, Elton John Portraits Made With Chewing Gum

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 14, 2013 10:47AM EDT
A young Ukrainian artist Anna Sofia Matveyeva has found fame in her mining town of Donetsk by using an unconventional material for her artistic creations. Viewed by many as an annoying sticky rubbish, a simple chewing gum has obtained a new meaning in the hands of Matveyeva, a computer designer from Eastern Ukraine. About a thousand chewing gums, chewed by Matveyeva and her friends, were needed to produce a portrait of computer legend Steve Jobs, 250 went on a portrait of Elton John, another 250 will be needed to finish the portrait of Donetsk's most famous hero - Mircea Lucescu, Romanian manager of the local football team FC Shakhtar. "It took three weeks to do Steve Jobs. About a week and a half went on Elton John and Mircea, bit by bit," Said Anna Matveyeva in her studio on the outskirts of Donetsk. The idea to use chewing gum for her creations came several months ago and, as she said, has a symbolic meaning. "Chewing gum is not simply a material I use in my work, chewing gum is a symbol. Why chewing gum and why those people? Those people are famous in their profession, the people who have been influenced by many other people in their development, and also the people who themselves greatly influenced other people. One chewing gum is one person. Roughly speaking it's a symbol," she explained. The chewing gum is ready to be used only after it has been chewed, divided in piles of different shades and colours and warmed up in a microwave. Each portrait turns out to be quite heavy in the end - about 5 kilos a piece. With three portraits almost ready Anna Sofia Matveyeva plans soon to open an exhibition. (Video Source: Reuters)