Steve Jobs: Peaceful Buddhist or Corporate Tyrant?

Category: Life & Style / Oct 06, 2011 8:57AM EDT
Steve Jobs, apple co-founder, chairman and CEO lost his battle with cancer yesterday. Born on February 24 1955, he died aged 56. In his passing many are left to question where in history Steve Jobs will fall. Already comparisions are being drawn to the likes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. But for Jobs, this visionary lead a doubled edged life. Jobs in his private life was said to be a peaceful family man. He was a practicing buddhist who spent time in India. He was a son of adoptive parents and had one biological sister. Jobs was said to cherish his quiet time with the ones he loved out of the public sphere. In business, Jobs was a visionary, a college drop out who can be described as the driving force behind the success of apple. Adam Lashinsky wrote in fortune magazine that jobs was a corporate dictator and often scremed and yelled at employess. Robert Sutton also claims that jobs, was difficult to work for and feared by many. Steve Jobs.... Peaceful budhist or corporate monster? The world is left wondering where in fact Steve jobs will be placed in the history books...... and what will happen in the future with apple?