Stray Baby Elephant Falls Into Well In India

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 17, 2013 10:39AM EDT
An elephant calf that strayed from its herd fell into a well near the town Bundu in India on Thursday (January 17). The animal's cries for help drew a large crowd of local residents, who watched as the calf sloshed about in the shallow water, unable to escape the depths of the well. Local police officials also rushed to the site of the incident, though they were unable to offer much help. According to local residents, the animal was part of a herd, sent to scout for food, and had probably failed to spot the open well as it fell in it. The increased encroachment of forestland has led to habitat loss for animals such as elephants, who are then driven to human settlements in search of food. The elephant was eventually rescued with the help of a digger which broke down the sides of the well.