Strongest Typhon In The World Slams The Philippines: Typhon Haiyan Kills At Least 3

Category: World / Nov 08, 2013 11:39AM EDT

In a deadly blow from Mother Nature, a super typhoon by the name of Haiyan slammed the Philippines. With the chaos of all the destruction at least 3 people have been confirmed as dead. In addition over 1 million people have fled for their lives on Friday.

The typhoon is a category-5 with super force that was able to lash the region with 170 mph wind force and waves that reached 19 feet high.  7 people have been injured in addition to the dead, and it is feared that the death toll may climb.

 Homes and businesses were destroyed and power lines were severed, as heavy rainfall continued in the region. The Philippines is no stranger to typhoons as they are hit on average by 20 every year. Typhoon Haiyan however has measured to be the worst of its kind this year in the world.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters