Submarine Car Used In James Bond Film Sells For 550,000 Pounds At Auction

Category: Media & Culture / Sep 10, 2013 1:35PM EDT

The Lotus Esprit submarine car from the 1977 James Bond classic film, The Spy Who Loved Me sold at auction in London. The iconic car was sold for a whopping 550,000 pounds- but the car only functions underwater as a fully working submarine. Car Specialist Don Rose commented on the significance of the car, and the opportunity of owning a piece of film history.

"What you have to understand is it's not a car at all, but it's a fully functional submarine, and it functioned as such in a film. Twelve days of shooting in the Bahamas, including a famous battle scene underwater that's unforgettable, and out of all the Bond cars and all the gadgets ever done in a Bond movie, I don't think there was anything as outrageous as a car that transformed itself into a submarine, and here you have the final, functional working object, one and only, and, as you said, iconic. So is it worth the price tag? What's Marilyn Monroe's dress worth? I think this is something that's a unique example of popular culture, it cannot be duplicated, it's the one and only, and it's never before been offered to the public."

But despite the significance of the car it sold under its estimated price of 650,000-950,000 pounds.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters