Surfer Claims To Have Broken His Own World Record By Riding 100ft Giant Wave

Category: World / Jan 31, 2013 8:26AM EDT
In a ride of a life time, that has to be seen to be believed a Hawaiian surfer has put his best foot forward to ride a massive wave: Garrett McNamara from Hawaii has claimed that he has in fact beaten his own world record to ride a wave in Portugal that measured 100ft. Experts are now analyzing the size of the wave to verify that McNamara has in fact beaten his own record. The dare devil surfer risked his own life to make headlines and came out from his surf unscathed. His previous record was a wave 78 feet, which he achieved at the same spot in Portugal in 2011. The coastline Nazare is famous for its enormous and dangerous waves. After his ride the veteran surfer said he almost didn’t make it “The white water almost sucked me over, and if it had sucked me over I would have been on the rocks”. Surfing since the age of 17, in 2000 the pro surfer decided to focus his energy on breaking records for riding large waves. Now it’s up to the Guinness Book of World Records, to see if the Hawaiian surfer has indeed done just that