Surveillance Video Records School Knife Attack in China

Category: World / Dec 18, 2012 11:14AM EDT
Local police Tuesday released more details about the school knife attack that hurt 23 students in Central China's Henan Province. The 24 injured, including an elderly woman, in the attack last Friday in Henan's Guangshan County are being treated in various hospitals, with the conditions of a badly wounded pupil having improved. The local police released the video from a surveillance camera across from the school gate on Tuesday. The surveillance video showed the suspect, a man wearing blue jacket and white trousers, chasing after a girl and waving the knife in his hand in front of the school at around 07:37 on last Friday morning. According to the video, the suspect ran into school after the girl fell down, and a large number of students started to rush out of school two minutes later. At that moment, the villagers nearby ran into school and chased the suspect out with the help of teachers at about 07:40. The Guangshan County People's Procuratorate confirmed on Monday that it has issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspect, Min Yongjun, on charges of jeopardizing public security. The local police said that the 36-year-old Min is a long-term epilepsy sufferer. He left home after quarreling with his family members on last Thursday's night, the day before the accident occurred, and spent the night outside. Min burst into an elderly woman's house near the elementary school of Chenpeng village in Guangshan county, that is about 10 kilometers away from his home, at around 07:00 on Friday. He hit the 84-year-old woman, Xiang Jiaying, and stabbed her with a kitchen knife that he picked up in the house. Min then rushed to the school, and allegedly knifed 23 students, before being subdued by teachers, villagers and police. "He quarreled with the old woman, then fetching a kitchen knife and stabbing her twice. He saw the old lady lying in blood, thinking why not going the whole hog and attacking some more students since one had already been killed," said Ouyang Mingxing, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Guangshan County. The investigation is still underway. Among the injured, 15 pupils and Xiang are now receiving treatment in three local hospitals in Guangshan County, said local authorities. Xiang is still in the ICU while the pupils have been in stable conditions. Eight other pupils have been transferred to Tongji Hospital in Wuhan City, the capital of central Hubei Province. Two critically wounded pupils are to take operations. Another victim is receiving treatment in a hospital specializing in bone injury treatment in Xinyang City of Henan Province, which takes charge of Guangshan County.