Surviving Sandy: A Trapped Man and His Dog Cheat Death

Category: Society / Nov 08, 2012 4:45PM EDT
A snow covered pile of furniture and appliances are all that remains of the contents of Victor Strube's Staten Island home. Hurricane Sandy and the recent snowstorm have devastated his coastal property, along with many others. But Strube says none of it matters. He's lucky to be alive. "The water came up this way and a big wave came up across the field here. I ran in the house to get my keys. The water was up one foot. I couldn't start my car. I ended up running back in the house, all the way in the house and the water was coming up higher, then I closed this door. And when I closed this door, the water was up this high now, so I couldn't get out." "We kept going to the back room, back room, back room, back room. Water was here now. I got to the, I kept calling, I got to tell my brother that came and saved me, 'please I'm drowning. Get somebody here, I'm drowning.'" Strube knew he had to find another way out. The man and his best friend his dog survived a terrifying ordeal to escape death. Luna is now safe and dry and is staying with Strube's brother. Looking at his remaining possessions, Strube puts it all in perspective. "This is everything I own. All out here on the front of the garage. And it's material stuff. All I know is that I got my life. That's all that matters. I don't care about material. I'm not a material guy. I am not. I direct myself in one way for the day 'cause I'm not going to know if I'm going to live tomorrow