Survivors Hope: Over 100 People Rescued From Oklahoma Tornado Ruble-Promo

Category: Daily Promo / May 21, 2013 3:14PM EDT


Emergency workers sifted through the endless amount of ruble from schools and homes in Oklahoma on Tuesday searching for survivors: With an original fear of over 90 people dead, the death toll has been lowered to 24. Of those dead 9 are children.

The two mile wide tornado shredded through Oklahoma in a powerful wave of destruction: Houses were completely destroyed, cars thrown around like toys, and helpless victims were buried in rubble. 234 people were injured by the deadly tornado.

But the hope of the tragedy is in the survivors, and their stories, and the unanimous feeling of being grateful to be alive:

"It's going to take time to rebuild, the families, you look at you see the movies and everything, but when you are actually standing there,"

"It's hard. It's hard but you know, I know that the Lord is going to provide. He's provided before, he has shown his power to us before, so I know everything happens for a reason and we're still faithful and he's faithful to us."

"We're from Oklahoma, we'll come through, it's normal for weather to be like this. You know we'll all going to stick together and everything is going to work out. Everything is going to work out. "

"It's just like amazing in a bad way. Like his house is mostly still standing but there are people's homes that are completely gone, and it's just hard to imagine because they don't have anything anymore and it's really painful to see that they don't have anything left."

The tornado on Monday is one of the worst that has hit the U.S. Barack Obama has addressed the nation and pledged the government’s help in aid and relief.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters