Survivors Of Terrifying Typhoon Struggle To Rebuild

Category: World / Dec 10, 2012 1:13PM EDT
Survivors of a deadly typhoon that struck the southern Philippines said on Monday (December 10) it could take years for them to rebuild their lives. An intense storm last week wiped out about 90 percent of three coastal towns and buried an entire town . Typhoon Bopha killed 647 people and caused crop damage worth 210 million U.S. dollars (8.5 billion pesos). Thousands of homes were damaged and survivors are struggling to find enough food and shelter. More than 302,000 people are staying in temporary shelters. Debris still litters the streets, nearly a week after the typhoon hit. Stores, churches and school buildings had all been affected by the devastating typhoon. Damage to infrastructure is complicating any chance of replenishing stock. Relief workers are scrambling to deliver food and help rebuild communities but damage to infrastructure is complicating the task. Bopha weakened into a low pressure area, as it moved away from northern Philippines on Sunday (December 9).