The Sydney Opera House Goes Red For World AIDS Day

Category: World / Nov 30, 2012 9:42AM EDT
To commemorate World AIDS Day on December 1, the Sydney Opera House was lit red on Friday (November 30) followed by a fireworks display. The United Nations has set a target of 50 percent reduction in new infections by 2015 a move supported by Rob Lake, Executive Director of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organization (AFAO) and Lake believes that the goal of eradicating new HIV infections worldwide is now reachable. "It's an ambitious goal, it's hard to know. We want to get it by 2015 but we want to get to it. If it's 2016 that's OK. That's the thing about a target, if you haven't got one you've got nothing to go for and, across the world countries with much worse epidemics than us have taken on this same target. So, it's important that we do as well. The other thing to bear in mind is that we are part of a global community and so when we ask our government to think about HIV and to respond positively to HIV, it's not just about HIV in Australia, it's also about HIV in the world. So it's about funding the global fund to ensure that medications are available to people across the world, wherever they are," said Lake while visiting a photographic exhibition of images of people with HIV and AIDS at the Power House Museum in Sydney. Observed worldwide on 1 December, World AIDS Day has become a day when people are able to come together to remember those who have died from AIDS and is also a time to recognize the progress that has been made to help ending the disease.