Taiwan Snake Farm Readies For Chinese New Year

Category: Society / Feb 06, 2013 10:35AM EDT
Chinese people around the world are preparing to celebrate the year of the snake, and in honor of the upcoming lunar New Year, a snake farm in southern Taiwan is becoming a popular tourist destination. The World Snake King Education Farm houses more than 6,000 snakes, and visitors stop by from around the globe to see snakes eat and even eat a few snakes themselves. The farm is home to huge venomous snakes from Taiwan, including the hundred-pacer, and the green habu, but for the Chinese New Year they are also showcasing foreign species such as the black mamba, king cobra, and gaboon viper. The farm aims to educate people about venomous snakes, and teach them how to protect themselves. And, if you get hungry, the snake farm’s restaurant offers a wide range of snake snacks, from snake skin, soup, liver, and tendons, to snake eggs. You can also visit the farm’s shop that sells special snake wine and a line of skin care products featuring cobra extract. Chinese New Year in 2013 falls on Sunday, Feb 10th. Video Source: Reuters