A Taiwanese “Human Flag” Is Set for a World Tour

Category: Society / Jun 28, 2012 2:05PM EDT

A man has turned himself into a human flag by balancing his body horizontally onto a flagpole at Taipei's Liberty Square as a patriotic expression. The brave man was wearing a red t-shirt with the Taiwan flag print, and his head shaved with the word Taiwan. Liao Hong-lin, is a 29 year old cyclist and an outdoor sports enthusiast. He started his photographic project last year with his human flag stunt posture at train stations around Taiwan. He wants ultimately to get Taiwan's name out in the world through his artistic act of patriotism.With his partner next to him taking pictures, Liao has already completed his first set of photographs at more than 100 train stations and landmarks around Taiwan. Liao has now left his job to start a six month world tour. Among all the countries he will visit, he will exclude the politically sensitive China this time.