Taking A Double Take At The Weirdest Two-Headed Animals: Two Headed Kitten Born in Oregon

Category: Media & Culture / Jun 12, 2013 4:52PM EDT

A two-faced kitten, fittingly named Duecy, was born in Oregon on Tuesday turning its owners’ heads with its unique double face. The kitten is also referred to as a ‘Janus’ and is extremely rare.

But this is not the first time we have seen an animal with two heads….

This cute, pink pig was born in China in April of this year. The unique creature with two ears, two snouts, and a shared eye between its two faces was saved from slaughter. This is not the first time a two-headed pig was born in China. In 2001 a Chinese farmer was shocked to see a piglet born with two heads and three eyes.

One of the rarest cases of a two-faced animal comes from the Gulf of Mexico. In April of 2011 a fisherman off the coast of Florida got the shock of his life when he caught the first ever two headed bull shark. Further examination of the unique shark revealed that it had two distinct heads, two hearts and two stomachs, but one tail.

The two-headed animal is regarded by science as a rare mutation. This unique condition is called Polycephaly (POLLY-CEPH-ILY). Stories of two-headed creatures, like Duecy, make headlines around the world as we continue to be amazed by the weird and the wonderful. Sadly nature is not as kind. Double-headed animals often have a shorter life expectancy and this two-faced kitten was rejected by its mother. It now fully depends on its owners for feeding and warmth but is in good condition.

One thing remains certain. These rare and unique creatures will continue to turn our heads…