Telescope Captures Extraordinarily Detailed Image Of Toby Jug Nebula

Category: Daily Promo / Oct 09, 2013 3:30PM EDT
The European Southern Observatory's (ESO) Chilean-based telescope recently captured unusually detailed images of the Toby Jug Nebula, located some 1,200 light-years from Earth.
The ESO released the pictures for the first time on Monday (October 8).
The ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) is known for recording spectacularly detailed astronomical images. Its photographs of the Toby Jug Nebula show, with rare detail, the wispy clouds of gas and dust emanating from a giant red star, loosely forming the shape of a beer jug with a handle.
The ESO's representative in Chile, Spanish astronomer said the images offer more than just picturesque views of space, they provide important details on the composition and evolution of the universe. .
According to the ESO, the nebula was created by a star that is losing part of its mass, forming a cloud of gas and dust as the material cools.
The nebula is formally known as IC 2220, but was renamed "Toby Jug" by British astronomers Paul Murdin, David Allen and David Malin. According to the scientists, the nebula has a characteristic arcing structure, which is similar to an old English drinking vessel known as a "toby jug".
Video Source: Reuter