Thousands Of Dogs Prepare To Compete In Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 12, 2013 10:29AM EDT
Primped, preened, brushed and blown dry, thousands of dogs are getting their final wash and dry ahead of the two day competition at the 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday (February 11). More than 2,700 will compete in New York City on Monday and Tuesday (February 12). Lhasa Apso "Kid Rock" is one of this year's competitors. Susan Giles, the owner of the fair-haired pooch, said "Kid Rock" has a lot to prove. "He has a lot to live up to because his aunt won the breed here twice. His uncle won the breed here last year and his grandfather won the breed here three times. So he's got a lot to live up to." Apparently, "Kid Rock" is ready for the show's stage, as he nods when his owner asks if he's having fun. "Roary", a Lowchen from Indiana, also has the genes of a winner. "Her mother actually won Best of Breed here in 2009, so we are hoping to make it a second generation win, but she loves to show and she knows it's her job," said owner, Lexi Neel after taking a blow-dyer to her furry mane. For the first time, the show is spread out across two venues. Judges will be deciding the best in breeds at exhibition halls on piers on the Hudson River. The favored dogs will then head to the show's regular venue at Madison Square Garden, where best in group judging will take place in the evenings before culminating in the Best In Show event, to be judged by Michael Dougherty of Escondido, California, on Tuesday evening. "Al", a three-year old fluffy, white Bichon Frise with big, brown eyes, yawned through the Reuters interview. "He loves the ring and he's just a super, super, little guy," said his owner Wendy Ball. Last year, "Al" won an Award of Merit. This year's dogs come from all 50 states, organizers said, with the majority from New York and California. There are more than 100 foreign entries, including dogs from Brazil, Germany, Croatia and Japan. The 2012 show was won by Palacegarden Malachy, a male Pekingese, who, as is traditional, has since retired. (Video Source: Reuters)